FAQs for Photo Shoots

What Do I Wear?

What To Wear


I am frequently asked prior to a photo shoot, what should I wear? There are so many different options when it comes to photo shoots, so how do you decide what is right for you?

Over all, no matter what look you are wanting to achieve, it is of the utmost importance that your outfit is smart and sophisticated (smart casual can also work well) . This means that when you view your photos, you will feel that you are looking your best and therefore want to share your photos with other people and have them up in your house. 

Outfits I often recommend include:


For an equestrian shoot, a smart country look often works very well. This can be tweed, warm earthy Colours, Country boots, a soft wool jumper and so many other things. Head to toe, it is really important to follow the theme you are wanting to have portrayed in your images, so do bear this in mind:

Head – In the Autumn/winter, a cozy hat or ear warmers can work very well with the country look. A Fedora style hat can also be fantastic all year round, just ensure that the colour goes with your overall outfit.

Body – In summer, a smart shirt, either white or with pastel colours can be fantastic! In the cooler months, a tweed jacket, blazer, diamond quilted jacket or body warmer can work really effectively. If you want to colour coordinate with the setting you are in, a good way of doing so can be by adding a scarf containing similar tones.

Legs – Now, a lot of people would say not jeans, however I find that jeans often work really well, as long as they are smart (often the dark navy or white jeans look best) as generally, they will go with the rest of the outfit no matter what. Alternatively, a tweed or pleated skirt can work extremely nicely with these outfits and in the autumn/winter, paired up with a pair of woolen tights can work fantastically.

Feet – As mentioned above, Country boots are ideal for this, as are suede boots, although do please consider that over the winter months, suede material may be damaged and therefore at that time, protected leather may be a better idea.

If you do want to choose a country look, it is important to consider the location you are having your photos taken in, the colours and textures that will be present in that setting and how they will tie in with your outfit. In this all outfit themes, but this one in particular, it is important to avoid using busy designs, mixing colours and using vibrant tones which are unnatural, as all of which will cause a distraction from the rest of the image, meaning you and your horse will slip into the background, while your outfit takes centre stage. 


Top Tip 

A lot of customers are concerned about how they will look in the photos, so if you are one of them, please trust me when I say you are not alone. If there is a particular part of your body which you are worried about,  please contact me prior to the photo shoot and we can discuss it to ensure that you are happy and that we have a plan before your photo shoot.